• Brooke & Shoals - Saffron Patchouli & Oud Candle

Saffron Patchouli & Oud Candle

€ 22.00

Natural Wax Candle - Heartening

This scented candle brings together notes of rich saffron spice with a hint of patchouli leaf and the depth and strength of soft woody oud to create a fragrance blend that is warm and heartening. Up to 45 hour burn-time.

This luxurious scented candle:

  • Made with a natural wax blend which gives them a cleaner burn than paraffin wax
  • Contains divine fragrance and essential oils blended to create an aroma that lasts
  • Has a high quality cotton wick that is lead-free
  • Is handmade with care in the Irish countryside to ensure premium quality