Our Philosophy


Our philosophy centres on the creation of divine fragrance, made using a combination of essential oils and fine fragrance. We use only natural wax in our candles, which is kinder to the environment than paraffin wax. Our diffusers use a glycerine base from a renewable source that is alcohol free. Our body products contain organic active ingredients and are 100% natural. A high standard of Irish manufacture ensures consistency in the quality of our products. These features combined with our beautiful packaging, are the reason why Brooke & Shoals candles stand out from the crowd. Our philosophy is to educate your fragrance palate to reach a new level of sensual fulfilment.

Sumptuous Scents

As part of this drive for scent-excellence, we formulate our divine smells by blending fabulous fragrance oils and natural essential oils. We also use an exceptionally high level of fragrance within our candles. The combination of both of these factors, create a divine aroma with a strong fragrance-throw that really lasts. 

Irish Manufacture

All of our products are made in Ireland to support Irish employment which is so important in the current economic environment. Making our products in Ireland also ensures that their quality is second to none and something we can proudly stand over.

Natural Wax is Kinder to the Environment

We love the fact that our candles use a sustainable natural wax blend. Using a natural wax blend for our candles means we are condoning responsible re-planting. We would never use paraffin wax as it is derived from the world’s scarce and ever-depleting oil reserves. Paraffin wax also emits toxins when burned, but our natural wax blend gives a much cleaner toxin-free burn. Go on spoil yourself!

All in all, you will feel spoiled and indulged when you light a Brooke & Shoals candle, and once you experience this, there will be no going back to ordinary candles with inferior quality fragrances, ever again. So enjoy your newly educated fragrance palate.